Free Psychometric Scouting Webinar

SABR Friends,

This next Thursday, Sept. 20th,  I will be co-hosting a webinar entitled, The Mindset Science of Playing at the Next Level. It is sponsored by my new venture, Diamond Scouting, Psychometrics. Todd Thomas, Diamond’s Director of Scouting, will be hosting the event.

The many benefits of psychometric scouting and player evaluation will be covered. We will explain how quantifying player makeup, mindset, and instincts can easily identify future All-Stars, that could be overlooked or missed altogether.

The Webinar is free and I would be honored to have the SABR Statistical Analysis Committee join in and share in the discussion. Please pass the word. I am looking forward to having you and the members join us. Here is the link to register, https://t.co/tj4EOuVT5K.

Hope to see you there,

Bill Bagley
SABR Member


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